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26 March, 2013 - by Lauren Griswold, Green Mountain Girls Farm

There’s A Richness in Them There Hills!

Yesterday, we had a Dig In Vermont intern at the farm.  She is interviewing a few of us Floating Bridge Food and Farms Co-op members for a short video to be featured on the Dig In site.  One of her interview questions was a simple one, but sometimes those are the best, right?  "What do you like best about living and working in Vermont?"  I hardly had to think about it.  Of course, I mentioned the natural beauty that we get to steep in everyday–the mountainscapes free of distracting billboards, the working pastures and forests rolling all about–but what I really wanted to speak to was the community we have here, and how extensively engaged and supportive it can be, without seeming cheeky or contrived.

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19 March, 2013 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Spotlight on Maple

Category: Recipes


In the latest edition of the Vermont Fresh Network Fresh Feed, we talked to a few of our members about maple syrup!

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