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31 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Post-Halloween Sweets

28 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan,

Farmers Market Season

This weekend, my local farmers' market in Montpelier had its last outdoor market for the season. It was cold, it was gray, people sold hot soup and clustered around the wood fired pizza oven for warmth. It definitely felt like the end of the summer season.

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24 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan,

Hands On Learning Experiences on VT Farms

21 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Of Land and Local

This weekend, I got a chance to see Of Land and Local, an art exhibit at the Burlington City Arts gallery on Church Street in Burlington. It was, admittedly, not opening night (that was in September) - but the exhibit is appearing both at the BCA gallery and locations around the state through October, November, and the first week of December, so there is still time to see it. A full schedule is found here.

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15 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

VT Hackathon & Country Perfume

Category: Explore a Region

Every October for the last several years, the Vermont Hackathon has invited teams to join a competition where they have 24 hours to create an app using Vermont datasets. The contest plays along similar lines of imagination as DigInVT. We asked what would happen if we could pool the data for all the great food and farm experiences in Vermont in a way that let visitors build their own paths of exploration. . . . then, fortunately, we had a lot more than 24 hours to make it happen.

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11 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Apple Harvest

This weekend, Vermont is full of Harvest Festivals . . . and most of them celebrate apples. Apples are, after all, Vermont’s state fruit (named in 1999) and the apple pie is our state pie. We have about 4,000 acres in apple production. Plus, the apple diversity you can find in our state is increasing every year - as we bring back old varieties and products that had fallen out of fashion over the generations, and invent new ones.

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The historic barns, hillsides dotted with cows, and steaming sugar houses of Vermont’s working landscape have been iconic images of the state for many years. Increasingly, visitors want to do more than drive by these pastoral images. They want to roll up their sleeves, milk a cow, dig potatoes, and learn more about the food system with all five senses.

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7 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Milk Bowl

Category: Events


This past weekend was the 51st People's United Milk Bowl at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont. There was a cow, there was a bowl (full of milk), there was a race car driver kissing the cow in Victory Circle then drinking the milk. . . what more does one need for an agricultural tourism event?

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1 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Feast on a Mountain

A few years ago, two friends and I took advantage of fall foliage to have a feast on a mountain - Camel's Hump to be precise. Between us we lugged up:

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