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29 December, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

New Year's Eve Celebrations

DigInVT partner the Vermont Fresh Network is a community of agricultural and culinary professionals that use Vermont foods. Their organization provides technical assistance, organize events, educate consumers, and foster new food enterprises in our state, and they help diners navigate the Vermont restaurant landscape to find chefs dedicated to using local ingredients. 

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23 December, 2016 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Vermont Food Gifts - A (last minute) Guide

Support local farm and food businesses this giving season. Perfect for procrastinators and diligent givers -- the gift of Vermont food will satisfy everyone on your list! Here are a dozen ways to give Vermont food gifts as suggested by our wonderful Network of chefs, farmers and food artisans. Happy Holidays!

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20 December, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

Winter Sports (and the VT Food to Fuel Them)

When it starts to get cold, folks in Vermont are gearing up for a season of outdoor sports (perhaps more accurately, we didn’t stop once summer ended). Skiing & snowboarding receive a whole lot of attention, including in this earlier DigIn blog post. But they're just one small part of the winter sports landscape here. Last month on Vermont Edition, Vermont Public Radio considered all the many options for playing outdoors in Vermont this winter.

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15 December, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

Learn to Make Candy Canes

The candy cane has been a symbol of the Christmas holiday for centuries. The Shepherd’s crook-shaped candy in red and white has not only been enjoyed as a sweet but also used to decorate Christmas trees almost since the Christmas tree concept arrived in America (the mid-1800’s). The exact origins of the cane aren’t clear. Some tales focus on the religious symbolism of the red and white colors, but those stories are dubious since the first candy canes existed before sugar was refined enough to cool into the pure white color we see today. Others credit a clever 17th century choirmaster with tweaking the already-popular hard candy sticks to produce a confection that would keep children quiet during long holiday services. In general, candies and sweets - which were once much more expensive than they are today - have historic ties to festivals and holidays, occasions when people were willing to purchase special foods. Christmas is of course no exception and the food historians at Food Timeline have a list of some of the most popular Christmas-related foods through history.

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8 December, 2016 - by DigIn VT Staff

Preservation for a Vermont Winter with Misery Loves Co.

There’s a tradition at Misery Loves Co. where every year, after a few freezes, the staff heads out to the back parking lot to harvest the wild grapes that ramble down the alley. They aren’t sure what kind of grapes they are, but they are sour, tart and bitter and the seeds are the size of the grapes themselves. The grapes are a challenge to process but come late winter, when the duck and pheasant have been hanging just long enough, those preserved alley grapes will be the perfect accompaniment.    

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6 December, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

Holiday Fairs and Farmers Markets

Find all your farm fresh ingredients at a holiday festival or farmers' market and treat your friends and family to a localicious gift or meal this season! Vermont products make great gifts! Find the perfect cheese, maple candy, cider, sauce, or jam for all your loved ones this season.

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5 December, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

Farm to Slope

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Snow is falling throughout the state - we even hosted the World Cup at Killington over Thanksgiving Weekend - and thoughts have turned towards skiing (as they often do in Vermont). 

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