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9 February, 2015 - by Corey Burdick

Maple Conversion

Vermont is my adopted home. I have lived here full time for 12 years, but spent my childhood in upstate New York. I’ll admit I’ve been slow to accept real maple syrup into my culinary repertoire. My reluctance to embrace the culture and tradition of soaking one’s pancakes in true, local maple syrup can only be attributed to the breakfast tables of my youth; crowded with Aunt Jemima and Country Crock. Food memories can be powerful and often determine how one crafts meals and diets for a lifetime. But, sometimes patterns are meant to be broken, so in that spirit, last March I took a trip to one of my favorite natural areas: Shelburne Farms.

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26 March, 2014 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Sugar on Snow

The classic backyard food party is the summer BBQ. Folks have their grills, some have campfires, some have barbecue pits, one friend of mine added a backyard smoker for making smoked onion rings (really, what’s a summer party without smoked onion rings?). And I enjoy those events. In fact, I support eating every meal of summer outside. But the essential cooking equipment that I want in my backyard isn’t a grill for BBQs - it’s a table for hosting sugar on snow parties in the spring.

Sugar on snow involves heating maple syrup until it just reaches the softball stage (about 234 degrees Fahrenheit), taking it off the heat for a few moments, then drizzling it over snow so that it turns into a sort of maple taffy you can eat with a fork. It’s usually served with a pickle and plain doughnut. In my memory there is a glass of milk, however I don’t think that’s traditional - it ought to be.

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28 February, 2014 - by Staff

March is for Maple

It may be too cold for sap to flow right now, but as daytime temperatures climb we'll be entering into the traditional start of the maple sugaring season in Vermont. At DigInVT, over the month of March we'll be providing lots of information for exploring Vermont's signature flavor. If you're new to real maple syrup then you're coming to the right state to try some. And even if you've lived in Vermont all your life, there's always something new to discover. Here are some examples of what's happening:

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9 November, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Hunting Season Begins in Vermont

The diner on the corner in town has switched to its hunters' hours - open every weekend at 5:00 am through November. Today deer season begins with Youth Weekend. We've arrived at hunting season in Vermont.

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24 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan,

Hands On Learning Experiences on VT Farms

11 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Apple Harvest

This weekend, Vermont is full of Harvest Festivals . . . and most of them celebrate apples. Apples are, after all, Vermont’s state fruit (named in 1999) and the apple pie is our state pie. We have about 4,000 acres in apple production. Plus, the apple diversity you can find in our state is increasing every year - as we bring back old varieties and products that had fallen out of fashion over the generations, and invent new ones.

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