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3 October, 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

Spotlight on Vermont Apples

11 November, 2015 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Apple Butter

It's been a banner year for "wild" apples this year - the untended trees growing at field edges, along back roads and, luckily for me, in my backyard. I've gotten buckets of sweet, eating apples from a forgotten apple tree behind my house. I looked out the dining room window one morning, and the ground was blanketed with fruit!

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1 October, 2014 - by Helen Labun Jordan

It's Apple Season!

Have you gone apple picking yet?  Enjoy the beautiful orchards and the beautiful fall foliage. Enjoy the orchards.  Happy Autumn!!

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11 October, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Apple Harvest

This weekend, Vermont is full of Harvest Festivals . . . and most of them celebrate apples. Apples are, after all, Vermont’s state fruit (named in 1999) and the apple pie is our state pie. We have about 4,000 acres in apple production. Plus, the apple diversity you can find in our state is increasing every year - as we bring back old varieties and products that had fallen out of fashion over the generations, and invent new ones.

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