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13 November, 2015 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Fall Cocktails with Vermont Spirits!

Vermont Spirits Distilling Company of Quechee is aptly named. Steve Johnson, President and CEO, uses Vermont grown corn, juniper berries, apples and maple syrup in his products. He credits much of the distillery's success to the high quality of local ingredients. Even their product names are inspirited by Vermont; Copper's Gin is named after Vermont's first currency and No. 14 refers to Vermont joining the union as the 14th state.

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13 November, 2015 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Vermont Ice Cider- a How-To Guide

Eleanor Leger of Eden Ice Cider gave us the 411 on this unique Vermont beverage...

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4 February, 2014 - by Staff

Wine and Chocolate Weekend Returns for its Third Year

What do you expect from your weekend? Sparkling cranberry mead with chocolate toffee cupcakes? Ice cider with chocolate covered cider caramels? How about a Rose Red Wine whoopie pie? The Vermont Grape and Wine Council thinks you should have all this and more - they're bringing back their popular Wine and Chocolate Weekend this weekend, February 8th and 9th.

During the Wine and Chocolate Weekend, 15 wineries will invite visitors to come sample wines and chocolate pairings developed with help from local sweets makers (cupcakes, whoopie pies, wine jellies, and caramels are some of the items joining the chocolates). Samples are free; wines and sweets will also be available to purchase for Valentine's Day gifts or just a treat.

Sara Granstrom, of Lincoln Peak Vineyard, first got the idea for this weekend from colleagues in Pennsylvania, who organized a similar event along their regional wine trail. "It's fun to have a wintertime event," she says, "And also a chance to work with local chocolate makers and local businesses."

Lincoln Peak is working with three local chocolatiers from across Addison County to develop their pairings: Middlebury Chocolates, Daily Chocolate, and Farmhouse Truffles. Sara is particularly excited about the twists on traditional flavor pairings that are appearing this weekend. With Farmhouse Truffles, for example, she discovered that a dark chocolate grapefruit truffle pairs well with their Late Harvest white wine - she'd never expected to pair dark chocolate and white wine, but the citrus zing of the grapefruit reflects the citrus notes in the wine, making it a perfect match.

Other creative takes on the Wine and Chocolate theme this weekend include: Rhapsody Ice Wine from Shelburne Vineyard paired with Middlebury Chocolate’s spicy, habanero-laced Chupacabra dark chocolate; chocolates made using local wine such as ice cider truffles from Champlain Orchards and Eden Ice Cider or cassis-filled chocolates from Neshobe River Winery; the debut of a new chocolatier, Cacao Matteo, at Boyden Valley Winery; an entire Latin-themed weekend, with dance party, at Fresh Tracks Winery. New twists aside, there's also the basic rule that whenever you get chocolate and wine in a room together, it is a good thing. And that good thing will be happening all across the state.

Sara says that attendance has been great in the last two years and people are beginning to plan ahead for their annual Vermont wine and chocolate tours. As a self described choco-holic, she's looking forward to many years of this sweet combination.

A full list of participating wineries and what they will be sampling is available on the Vermont Grape and Wine Council's website. The wineries will be open from noon until 5:00 pm, and all tastings are free. Can't make it this weekend? Check out the place profiles linked from this post or browse the Wineries & Distilleries section of our Places page.  Want to see these places on a map?  Check out the Wine & Chocolate Weekend Trail.


Daily Chocolate

20 December, 2013 - by Helen Labun Jordan

Rail Dog

This week, my beau made a run to East Fairfield to visit Elm Brook Farm and purchase bottles of their new spirit, Rail Dog, for Christmas gifts. (We might also have visited them at the Burlington Winter Farmers' Market where they have a booth). Rail Dog is a barrel aged maple spirit. It's a strong alcohol (100-proof), with a flavor that bears a glancing resemblance to rum, but not too sweet and what sweetness is there carries through the same earthy complexity as the maple sugars it's distilled from. Have a sip and you'll want to sit in a big armchair by a fire and read classic mystery novels all night. While drinking Rail Dog. Slowly.

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20 November, 2013 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Libations for the Holiday Table

Vermont vintners, distillers and beverage producers share their favorite libations to complement a Thanksgiving meal.

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6 June, 2013 - by Sara Granstrom, Lincoln Peak Vineyard

Vermont Wineries Host Two Music Tours: Blues and Chamber Music on the Same Weekend

Four Vermont wineries will serve up both “Blues for Breakfast” and “Nachtmusik” for dessert when they host to two diverse musical groups for their Vermont tours.  The American Blues Roots Duo and The Eleva Chamber Players will do-si-do around each other in their concert tours highlighting some of the best of Vermont wine and music June 20-23, 2013. 


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12 December, 2012 - by Sara Granstrom

Vermont Spirits, the Perfect Holiday Gift

Vermont has been a haven for microbreweries and housed impressive, fertile vineyards for the last few decades. Now Vermont produces award winning wines, spirits and award winning micro-brews! Here is a guide- brought to you by the experts themselves, of the best wines and spirits to gift and grace your holiday table.

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25 September, 2012 - by Sheila McGrory-Klyza

Mellow Fruitfulness

If you know me or if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’re probably aware that I have an appreciation for wine. It’s an appreciation I’ve been cultivating for a good, long while and that has led me to taste many a wine.

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