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Boyer's Orchard and Cider Mill | Maple Open House

Boyer's Orchard and Cider Mill
1823 Monkton Rd
Monkton, VT 05469‎

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Mar 23 - 24, 2019

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During Maple Open House, Boyer's Orchard and Cider Mill will be boiling syrup and providing samples of Ice Cider, Maple Syrup, and all their other Ciders and Wines. Read below for more from Mark Boyer on their ice cider, a unique (and uniquely delicious) sweet treat. 

Boyer's Ice Cider

Boyer’s Orchard’s tasting room is located in the Maple Sugar House and features a variety of hard and ice ciders.  The ciders range from semi-dry, champagne style, bourbon barrel aged, sweet ice ciders. Stop in to try their ice cider, featured in this year’s Vermont Wine Week, and glimpse the sugaring process.  More than an orchard, Boyer’s also grows vegetables and has a bakery on-site (don’t miss the warm freshly made cider donuts during the apple season from early September through late October).

Tasting Notes from Mark Boyer

By the end of October, the customers at Boyer's Orchard have picked the trees clean with just a few hidden apples dangling on the highest branches. Maybe a few deer will venture into the orchard for a late season snack. We have stashed some favorite apples away for his winter season project- Ice Cider.  

The orchard's storage cooler is fragrant and stacked full of red and golden fruit in wooden crates. Musty and aromatic.

Reserved  apples are some favorite varieties like Northern Spy, Empire and Roxbury Russet. These apples ripen at the end of the season and lend themselves to this very distinctive Vermont cordial. Most of these apples are the last apples that Boyer's will press before shutting down the production space.

We appreciate the solitude of the winter season to attend to the Ice Cider's time consuming production. This past December and January the weeks of unusually cold temperatures worked to our advantage to help produce Ice Cider. Over the course of about seven weeks, we worked in small batches- freezing the cider and straining out the ice, over and over, until each batch reached the necessary concentration of sugary juice.  Yeast was added to start the fermentation and consume some of the natural sugar. Finally the Ice Cider was filtered and bottled, hitting it's mark at around 12% alcohol-  a very refined beverage.

Boyer's Orchard is extremely pleased with the smooth taste and soft golden appearance of our Ice Cider. Comparing it to maple syrup that we're now producing, the Ice Cider looks like a slender bottle of Grade A Amber Color with Rich Taste - Maple Syrup. But don't be tempted to pour it on your pancakes, Iced Cider should be enjoyed chilled and sipped from a glass.



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