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Bread Baking 101: Introduction To Baking With Sourdough

Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen & Brotbakery
38 Meade Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

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Mar 3, 2019 11:00am — 3:30pm

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Come curious and leave inspired by wild yeasts and their magic!

This is our popular bread baking class for beginners. Learn the fundamental basics of sourdough alchemy in bread making, proper mixing, fermenting, shaping and baking and what makes this bread different from something that's made with commercial yeast. You will also learn about the history of natural bread making, e.g. types of grains used for bread, different types of grains and flour, and starting and maintaining a live bread culture (sourdough).

Making completely natural bread with your own sourdough may take some planning, but it does not have to be complicated - you don't even need a mixer, it's all made by hand!
The class is designed as an introduction to sourdough baking techniqes and you will get a ripe sourdough culture to take home, so you can start making bread right away. 

$120 per person, includes refreshments and bread tastings, hands-on instructions and all materials 


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