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Compose & Play: Regenerative Farm Supper, Tour, and Concert at Green Mountain Girls Farm | 2019 Open Farm Week

Green Mountain Girls Farm
923 Loop Rd
Northfield, VT 05663

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Aug 9, 2019 5:30pm

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Mari Omland

What happens are also avid cooks? Farmshare members are also world class musicians? And those musicians are also composers and have friends that are similarly talented? And when the farm wraps up its 10th anniversary just as the musicians launch theirs? A celebratory gathering of course!

Farms and art grow from and towards community. Please join Green Mountain Girls Farm and Scrag Mountain Music as they honor universal interconnectedness as well as reciprocity between farmers and eaters, artists and audiences, Vermonters/Vermont appreciators and working landscapes, as well as this very special, decade-old partnership.

Step beyond the barnyard into growing season abundance. Whiff herbs crushed under your feet and touch fruits filling as their trees photosynthesize gregariously. Listen to the soundscape of the farm ecosystem. Lovingly ingest the wellness of food grown and prepared at Green Mountain Girls Farm. Dine and converse with musicians and the community of supporters. Enjoy stunning performances and be challenged to participate in Scrag Mountain Music’s signature participatory style.

A $30 ticket secures your spot (parking and seats) for farm supper/tour as well as the concert. But the concert payment will be collected at the concert. Pre-registration required.

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