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Family Night Out | Richmond Community Kitchen

Richmond Community Kitchen
13 Jolina Ct
Richmond, VT 05477

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Feb 9, 2019 4:00pm — 7:00pm

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We had a wonderful first Family Night Out this past week. The parents enjoyed a restorative yoga/massage session while the kids prepared dinner, right down to setting the table and folding napkins!

This month, the parents will enjoy a sound therapy gong bath. Read on:

Balance Yoga and Richmond Community Kitchen are excited to be offering a series of unique nights out! The adults will drop children off (ages 6-13) at RCK where they will enjoy getting messy in the kitchen and prepare a delicious feast to share.

Adults will head over to Balance Yoga to treat themselves to a blissful afternoon practice. The 1.5 hour practice will start with a cacao ceremony which will open the heart and deepen the experience. Participants will be resting on the floor as in savasana with any props required for comfort (bolsters under the knees, blankets for added warmth or padding, and eye pillows), they will then be guided through a systematic relaxation and then immersed in sounds and vibration as the gongs, chimes, and singing drum are played. The session will end with tea to ground and warm participants for safe travels. After class, parents will return to RCK where a dinner feast (and your child!) awaits! We will all be eating together to round out the evening.

Ticket price is $50 for one adult and one child (includes cooking class for child, sound therapy for adult and dinner for two!!)

Balance Yoga Gong Bath will be led by Lynn Clauer

Cooking class will be led by Holly Pierce.

This opportunity is partially funded by RiseVT.

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