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Pennywise Pantry Tour | City Market

South End Store, 207 Flynn Ave
Burlington, VT 05401

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Nov 19, 2019 9:00am — 10:00am

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Elena Palermo

With this interactive and hands-on tour, participants will learn how to shop for affordable, fresh, long-lasting, and nutritious foods at City Market. Begin by exploring the Produce and Bulk departments, learning a simple method for finding the best value on fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans by paying attention to the price per pound. Then you'll enter the Grocery aisles and Perishables coolers and learn to become savvy label readers as you shop for nourishing, long-lasting foods that contain 5 ingredients or fewer. No matter what kind of diet you follow, these pennywise tools will help you stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy, local, and even organic foods and develop a better understanding of Co-op sales.

If the date and time above doesn’t work for your schedule, or if you would feel more comfortable with a one-on-one individualized tour, please contact our Outreach and Education Coordinator, Elena Palermo at or 802-861-9757.


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