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Rise Up Bakery Grand Opening | Barre

46 Granite St
Barre, VT 05641

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Dec 15, 2018 4:00pm — 9:00pm

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Tours, fresh bread, and live swing, blues and country music by Colin McCaffrey, Doug Reid and Don Schabner give community members a taste of the educational bakery.

The bakery will be used by students from Central Vermont Career Center Bake Shop and from the Capstone Community Kitchen Academy Program. Both are within walking distance. Having the opportunity to learn how to work with a wood-fired oven will give them unique experience and increase their skills and value in the culinary field. Other youth baking programs have also expressed interest in using the facility.

Local bakers will offer public workshops on wood-fired bread baking. These community workshops will compliment the City of Barre’s plans to make the historic area attractive to visitors by offering opportunities for those interested in wood-fired baking culinary skills. These workshops will also expand job possibilities for trainees and bakers.

The bakery will support small businesses who will help fill the Bakery’s needs such as providing ingredients for the bread, firewood, and markets for distributing the bread. This outreach will help to expand opportunities for small businesses, such as the local wheat grower and miller, as well as expand local markets for wood-fired bread, such as the emerging Barre food cooperative store and the existing farmers’ market.  The Rise Up Bakery will be a part of a bigger movement in Vermont for buying local foods and supporting local businesses

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