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Special Pastry Workshop - Stollen and Panettone | Brotbakery

Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen & Brotbakery
38 Meade Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

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Nov 10, 2019 10:00am — 4:00pm

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This is an intensive day-long class that will focus of the techniques of two iconic items of European holiday baking, Stollen and Panettone. This class is open to everybody with an interest in baking, but it's most enjoyed by those with an understanding of working with preferments. (Reading recommendations will be sent out for those who want to get a better understanding before class).

The class will end with a tasting of different styles of Panettone and Stollen and participants will take home recipes for both pastries including tips and ideas to bake them at home.

A rare chance to take a close look at the "kings of pastry making," this special workshop is taught by two experts in their field: Heike Meyer of Brotbakery and Jeremy Gulley of Red Hen Baking Co. in Vermont. 

Class limited to 10 participants.


Class focus:

- Stollen: (history, ingredients and variations like Dresdner Christstollen, Poppy seed Stollen, Rumstollen, Stollen with pre-ferments etc.) including proper technique of mixing, shaping and baking.

- Panettone: the Italian classic and new world variations, including sourdough preparation, stages of fermentation and proper shaping and proofing.

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