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The Breads & Cheeses of Italy at Brot Bakehouse

Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen & Brotbakery
38 Meade Rd
Fairfax, VT 05454

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Feb 10, 2019 11:00am — 3:30pm

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Discover the breads and cheeses of Italy with us! 

Hand-crafted bread is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine. It complements the olive oil, the cheeses, the wine and all the dishes of Italy, and it attracts both food lovers and avid bakers with it’s simplicity yet complex flavors. In this special workshop we will teach you how to bake your own authentic Italian breads - and most importantly, taste everything at a “bakery-to-table meal” as part of the class.

During this hands-on course you will find out all about the history, the techniques and the ingredients vital to creating the flavors of Italian breads. You will be given plenty of opportunities to put the kneading, proofing and shaping skills you’ll be learning into practice, ending the course with the basic knowledge and confidence you’ll need to bake tasty fresh Italian breads at home.

No baking experience is necessary; just enthusiasm and a love for Italian foods! During the course you will create and bake a selection of classic (and lesser-known) Italian breads to taste and take home, e.g.:

  • Ciabatta
  • Focaccia
  • Vinschgauer
  • Pane di Matera

Then we will sit down for a curated tasting of Italian cheeses, olive oils and condiments to enjoy with our breads. This part of the class will be taught by Rory Stamp, winner of the National Cheesemonger Competition 2018. Rory will bring a selection of rare artisan cheese from small-scale cheesemakers and farmers in Italy to go with the specific breads of a region. You will learn all about the process of making them, how to best taste and pair them with food, and have a chance to ask questions about all things around cheese.

 $140 per person - includes refreshments, hands-on instruction, all materials and a bread & cheese tasting


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