15 December, 2017 - by DigInVT Staff

Winter Cocktails Throwback

These cocktails are so good - we posted them again. Now you have the whole month of December to experiment with Vermont spirits to find the perfect cocktails for your holiday party. Here's Butternut Mountain Farm's Pinterest Board of maple-inspired cocktails. This covers the territory from Winter Daiquiris to a classic Bourbon Maple Cider to a not-so-classic Maple Bacon Pisco Sour (admittedly, Vermont has no pisco makers but most of the cocktail basics can be covered by our fine line up of distillers).

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6 December, 2017 - by DigInVT

'Tis the Season for Sleigh Rides!

Sign your family up for a horse-drawn adventure this winter! There's nothing quite like gliding through the snow, pulled by majestic horses decked out in their holiday finest. Cozy up under a blanket and enjoy one of Vermont's favorite pastimes.

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Cookbook author Tracey Medeiros is living the dream - well, the Vermontavore foodie dream at least. Her latest publication, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, takes a look at the farmers, artisans and chefs that make Vermont a leader in local and sustainable food production and consumption. In this cookbook, Tracey takes the back roads to visit farmers and eateries throughout the state and brings their unique character to life in corresponding recipes.

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28 November, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Plate Cheese Like a Pro

Is it really a party without a beautiful Vermont cheese plate? We'd say no. Definitely not. Don't worry, we have you covered with tips and tricks from Vermont's best chefs on making a swoon-worthy cheese plate for all your holiday events.

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16 November, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Local Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

A local feast needs the perfect local accompaniment. Treat your Thanksgiving guests to the best in Vermont wine and cider next week - here are some suggestions for a meal, perfectly paired.

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It's the time of year to celebrate all that we're thankful for... and that includes local food! Treat your family to a locavore feast this Thanksgiving - thankfully, you can find nearly every ingredient you'll need at a Vermont farmers' market.  

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8 November, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

2017 Local Turkey Finder

Don't wait! Deadlines are fast approaching to reserve a local bird. Find your Vermont-raised turkey today using our handy guide.

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20 October, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Eat the Invaders Dinner

Category: Events

Invasive species present real problems for the native plants and animals we rely on for our ecosystem to thrive. Wild boars are ravaging Texas. Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) is choking out native plants in Vermont. Northeastern coastlines are plagued with invasive green crabs that eat up our native clams and mussels. But there's good news - they're all delicious! That's a solution Joe Roman, conservation biologist, author, and researcher at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont wants everyone to explore. Not only will eating invasives help alleviate some of their negative effects, but the way to the mind (as well as the heart) is often through the stomach and he's hoping that finding invasives on the plate will help spark conversation and awareness. 

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15 October, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Meet the Maker: Boyer's Wine & Cider

Category: Place Profiles

It's Vermont wine month! Vermont's wine scene has grown and blossomed so much over the past few years, we're gaining national recognition for some of the most talented wine makers in the country and setting the standard for cold climate grapes. Our small state offers an impressive diversity of flavor and styles with options to match any palate. We want to both celebrate winemakers this month and draw your attention to the impressive diversity of flavor and styles of wine made in our small state. We hope you'll join us in exploring some new tastes, starting with Boyer's Orchard in Monkton. We asked Mark Boyer about his journey into wine and cidermaking in Vermont. Learn about Boyer's and go grab a bottle of their craft wine or cider for the complete experience.

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11 October, 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

Honey Road - Thinking Globally, Sourcing Locally

Follow the pink neon sign at the corner of Church and Main Street into the warm, inviting and bustling dining room of Burlington’s newest restaurant Honey Road. Honey Road has been pulling in rave reviews since their opening this summer. The buzz is strong for many reasons – the restaurant is female owned and run, helmed by Chef Cara Tobin and VFN restaurant veteran Alison Gibson; they’re serving up Eastern Mediterranean small plates – a new (and delicious) concept for Burlington; and it’s good – really good. We checked in with Cara to see how she was creating this global cuisine while staying Vermont-focused with ingredients. 

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