How to list your business

Dig In Vermont place listings are agricultural or culinary businesses that offer the public an authentic Vermont food experience. Learn more about the criteria for listings on DigInVT>>

Place listings are submitted from one of the following nonprofit food organizations:

Partner nonprofits: Vermont Brewers Association, Vermont Cheese Council, Vermont Farms Association, Vermont Farmers Market Association, Vermont Fresh Network, Vermont Grape & Wine Council, Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association, Vermont Tree Fruit Growers’ Association, Vermont Organic Farmers Association, Vermont Distillers Council

If you are a member of one of these organizations and do not appear on our site, please contact to update the database. If you are not a member of one of these organzations, but meet the criteria for listing, you can still be list for an individual business membership fee - please contact us to find out details. 

How to highlight your community

  1. Check out who is listed in your Region
  2. Create a Trail to guide tourists to your favorite spots
  3. Post food Events, dinners, and festivals
  4. Submit a Blog Post

How to build a trail

Everyone can celebrate their food community by making a trail.  Link 3 or more locations in your area that will provide an enjoyable food excursion for people; tie these locations together with a brief description, a title, and a photo and viola you’ve created a trail. By submitting trails, you’re feeding travelers imaginations about what they can do in your area and inspiring them to participate in your community like a local. You know the best spots – share and feed their imagination – inspire them to explore.

How to list an event 

Have an upcoming food or farm event in your area? Contact us and we’ll post it on our event page. 

How to submit a blog post

Have a great Vermont food story you want to tell? We are always looking for dynamic content for our blog. Send us your short story along with images and we would be happy to review it for inclusion on the blog. 

Place Listing Application

Online Application for Farmers and Food Producers for a "Place" listing on