What is the Vermont Agriculture and Culinary Tourism Council (VtACT)?

DigInVT was a project of the Vermont Agriculture and Culinary Tourism Council.  The Council consists of representatives from agriculture, culinary, and tourism organizations from the state of Vermont who are committed to promoting and preserving Vermont’s working landscape.  The purpose of the Council was to strengthen and support Vermont’s food and farm communities.  They selected DigInVT as their first collaborative project because they believed that in order to support and strengthen Vermont’s food and farm communities both visitors and Vermonters alike must be aware of the agriculture and food experiences available to them.

Who are the Sanctioning Organizations for DigInVT.com Listings?

The Council currently is made up of 13 representatives from Vermont entities representing agriculture and tourism.

  • Northeast Organic Farming Association/Vermont Farmers’ Market Association
  • Vermont Brewers Association
  • Vermont Cheese Council
  • Vermont Farms Association
  • Vermont Fresh Network
  • Vermont Grape & Wine Council
  • Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association
  • Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association

Criteria for Inclusion on DigInVT.com

In order to be included on this site, the appropriate Council member has verified that all listings met the following criteria:

  • Comply with all applicable regulations
  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for visitors
  • Offer a product of which 75% originates in Vermont or 85% of its value is finalized in VT*
  • Be open and set up for visitors seasonally or year round with visiting times clearly communicated
  • Be an active member in good standing of at least 1 organization represented on the Council

*The Vermont Fresh Network, Vermont Grape and Wine Council, and Vermont Farms Association modified this criteria to better fit their membership (see below).

Vermont Fresh Network: Restaurant Criteria - 1) Purchases food products from at least four farmers, producers or processors who are members of the Vermont Fresh Network, 2) 15% of annual food purchases must be Vermont grown or produced food stuff, 3) At any time of the year the menu must contain Vermont products that represent 3 of the 6 USDA food categories (USDA Food Groups: Fats, Oils, and Sweets / Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese / Meat, Poultry, Fish, Beans, Eggs, and Nuts / Vegetables / Fruits / Breads, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta)

Vermont Fresh Network: Farmer Criteria - Has at least one purchasing agreement with a restaurant who is a member of the Vermont Fresh Network.

Vermont Grape and Wine Council: 100% of the wine must be made in Vermont and at least 75% of the production volume of wine must be made from Vermont grown grapes or fruit.

Vermont Farms Association: Offer the opportunity for visitors to come onto the farm for an agricultural educational experience. Any products served or offered for sale should feature that farm's product(s) with as much as possible originating in Vermont.