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We are the cheesemakers using the finest quality Vermont milk, the chefs using local ingredients to create delicious meals, the farmers working in the fields and orchards and meeting you at farmers’ markets, the sugarmakers tapping our trees to get the best maple syrup, the brewers dedicated to craft brewing, the vintners and distillers producing high quality Vermont wines and spirits. We are Vermont agriculture and culinary tourism — come visit us!

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Featured Vermont Food Experience

Silo Cacao

SILO Distillery

Let Vermont inspired cocktails help keep you warm this winter - SILO distillery in Windsor, VT, has a delicious range of spirits to offer and a tasting room in their renovated barn for visitors to try samples.

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  • 29 December 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

    New Year's Eve Celebrations

    DigInVT partner the Vermont Fresh Network is a community of agricultural and culinary professionals that use Vermont foods.

  • 28 December 2016 - by DigInVT Staff

    Winter Cocktails

    We were sitting down to find some Vermont-themed cocktails for the New Year when lo and behold, Butternut Mountain Farm posted their Pinterest Board of maple inspired cocktails for 2017.