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We are the cheesemakers using the finest quality Vermont milk, the chefs using local ingredients to create delicious meals, the farmers working in the fields and orchards and meeting you at farmers’ markets, the sugarmakers tapping our trees to get the best maple syrup, the brewers dedicated to craft brewing, the vintners and distillers producing high quality Vermont wines and spirits. We are Vermont agriculture and culinary tourism — come visit us!

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Visit Vermont's Farmers' Markets!

Summer is a great time to explore the food, artisan crafts, music, and activities at Vermont's farmers' markets - taking place across the state and throughout the season.

From the Blog

  • 14 September 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

    Local Music paired with Local Eats

    Restaurants are reaching beyond ingredients to source all kinds of goods from Vermont producers - from tables and appliances to hand soap in the bathroom.

  • 14 September 2017 - by Vermont Fresh Network

    Meet the Maker: Boyer's Wine & Cider

    It's Vermont wine month! Vermont's wine scene has grown and blossomed so much over the past few years, we're gaining national recognition for some of the most talented wine makers in the country and setting the standard for cold climate grapes.